"Bannockburn 1314" von Armstrong, Graham

"Bannockburn 1314" von Armstrong, Graham
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C ampaign 102 Author: Peter Armstrong Illustrator: Graham Turner B annockburn was the... mehr
Produktinformationen ""Bannockburn 1314" von Armstrong, Graham"

Campaign 102
Author: Peter Armstrong
Illustrator: Graham Turner

Bannockburn was the climax of the career of King Robert the Bruce. In 1307 King Edward I of England, 'The Hammer of the Scots' and nemesis of William Wallace, died and his son, Edward II, was not from the same mould. Idle and apathetic, he allowed the Scots the chance to recover from the grievous punishment inflicted upon them. By 1314 Bruce had captured every major English-held castle bar Stirling and Edward II took an army north to subdue the Scots. Pete Armstrong's account of this pivotal campaign culminates at the decisive battle of Bannockburn that finally won Scotland her independence.


- Origins of the Campaign
- Chronology
- Opposing Commanders - The English: Edward II, The Earl of Pembroke, The Earl of Gloucester, Robert Clifford, Henry de Beaumont, Hugh Despencer; The Scots: Robert the Bruce, Edward Bruce, James Douglas, Randolph, Angus Og
- Opposing armies
- Opposing Plans
- The Campaign
- The Battle
- The Aftermath
- The Battlefield today
- Bibliography
- Index

96 pages,


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