"Imperial Chinese Armies (2) "von Peers, CJ

"Imperial Chinese Armies (2) "von Peers, CJ
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M en-at-Arms 295 Author: CJ Peers Illustrator: Michael Perry B y AD 589, when Yang... mehr
Produktinformationen ""Imperial Chinese Armies (2) "von Peers, CJ"

Men-at-Arms 295
Author: CJ Peers
Illustrator: Michael Perry

By AD 589, when Yang Chien established himself at the head of a newly reformed Chinese empire, nearly four centuries had elapsed since the fall of the last great imperial dynasty: the Han. Although Yang's new Sui regime consciously modelled itself on its great predecessor, both China and the world outside had changed. The problem for the Sui and their successors was no longer simply to 'overawe the barbarians', but to deal as equals with other cultures that were just as proud and self-confident as their own. Chris Peers examines the imperial armies of China from 590-1260 AD, covering their history, organisation and tactics.


- Introduction
- Chronology
- The Sui Dynasty, AD 589-618
- The T'ang, 618-907
- Sui and T'ang Armies
- The Five Dynasties and the Ten Kingdoms, 907-959
- The Sung Dynasty, 960-1279
- Sung Armies
- The Liao, 907-1125
- The His Hsia, 1038-1227
- The Kin Dynasty, 1125-1235
- Military Science and Technology
- Nine Important Battles
- The Plates

48 pages,


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