"The Mongols"von Turnbull, Stephen

"The Mongols"von Turnbull, Stephen
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M en-at-Arms 105 Author: Stephen Turnbull Illustrator: Angus McBride T he history of... mehr
Produktinformationen ""The Mongols"von Turnbull, Stephen"

Men-at-Arms 105
Author: Stephen Turnbull
Illustrator: Angus McBride

The history of the Mongol armies is a catalogue of superlatives. No armies in history have ever won so many battles or conquered so much territory. No army has ever provoked such justifiable terror and loathing in its victims, or slaughtered so many of its vanquished. What other army in history has marched on Russia in the winter and survived, let alone won victories? The stories of these and many other amazing feats of this 'barbarian' people are here brought vividly to life by Stephen Turnbull, from the birth of Genghis Khan in the wind-swept steppes of Mongolia, through the conquest of China and beyond.


- The Rise of the Mongols
- The Mongol Warrior
- Mongol Armies
- Mongol Warfare
- Mongol Sieges
- The Mongols in Russia and Europe
- The Plates

48 pages,


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