"Medieval European Armies"von Wise, Terence

"Medieval European Armies"von Wise, Terence
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M en-at-Arms 50 Author: Terence Wise Illustrator: Gerry Embleton A lmost continual... mehr
Produktinformationen ""Medieval European Armies"von Wise, Terence"

Men-at-Arms 50
Author: Terence Wise
Illustrator: Gerry Embleton

Almost continual warfare raged in Europe during the period 1300-1500. These wars were the furnaces in which many of the modern European nations were forged. Parallel with this emergence of the nations came the development of national armies to protect the newly-won borders and independence, yet throughout this period the old feudal method of raising an army persisted. This fascinating study by Terence Wise explores the organisation, weapons and equipment of the armies who fought across medieval Europe, from the Hundred Years War to the fight against the Moors in Spain and the French invasion of Italy.


- Introduction
- Raising a Feudal Army
- The Mercenaries
- The First National Armies
- Organisation
- The Plates

48 pages,


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