"The Vikings" von Gravett, Christopher

"The Vikings" von Gravett, Christopher
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E lite 17 Author: Christopher Gravett Illustrator: Angus McBride L ike all warrior... mehr
Produktinformationen ""The Vikings" von Gravett, Christopher"

Elite 17
Author: Christopher Gravett
Illustrator: Angus McBride

Like all warrior classes throughout history medieval knights engaged in military games, partly in preparation for war and partly for pure sport. From their often brutal origins in the 10th century to the gaudy pageantry and eventual decline of the 15th and 16th centuries, tournaments were the centre of the knightly life. The image of the armoured and surcoated knight on his caparisoned charger remains the epitome of the chivalric ideal. Christopher Gravett explores the history of the tournament from its chaotic beginnings to its more formal, 'civilised' incarnation, describing the various 'events' and equipment which came into use.


- Introduction
- The 12th and 13th Centuries
- The 14th Century
- The 15th Century
- The 16th Century
- The Plates

64 pages,


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